"Awning cap"

The sunlight becomes intense year by year.

The hat should evolve. Because the common sense of climate has changed.

In that background, we have developed a cap with a new function.


Of course, UV protection hat is on sale in a market.

However, since the hat has a large brim, it is not suitable for outdoor active sports such as running, walking, golf,etc.


Cap can not completely protect the sunlight.

Hat with large brim is not fit for enjoying an active sport. ”

I suggest the awning cap to solve such a dissatisfaction. It will create a new market of cap.





Features of the design is a 3D awning that covers the back of the head & neck.

The awning can hold the shape in three dimensions with a combination of pleats and shape-retaining material.

 It is comfortable because it is kept at a distance from the back of the head & neck.

 It is possible to run quickly without worry thanks to the streamlined form.


Cap has evolved functionally by this design.

* Awning blocks the sunlight to the back of the head & neck.

* Heat does not rise because there is no rear half of the crown.


Differentiation is also clearly against the cap with flaps.

* Heat does not rise because there is no rear half of the brim.

* Comfortable because  do not touch the back of the neck.

* Breaking away from the image, such as the soldier's.


Awning cap, will help you to enjoy outdoor.

UV protection function of the back of the head & neck, Breathability and openness at the same level as the sun visor, Streamlined form.


You can run very comfortably.

It is available to all outdoor sports.

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